Information - Jon Applegate



We take great care in making sure your dancers shoot is as fun and safe as possible. Part of this is to make sure the whole experience is comfortable and produces photos you will love and want to display in your home.

So we have a few guidelines for dancers under 18!

Parents or persons accompanying the dancer to the shoot must be with the dancer at all times. The changing room is your area and staff will not enter without permission.

Make up should be natural if applied but we aim for a natural look here so it is not required.

Tan- not necessary- if you want a tan then make sure its natural please- no oompa loompas! But again natural is good.

Clothing - Please bring your own clothing to the shoot- leotards, shorts and crop sets, tutus, lyrical looks- dress or loose shirt. Any pointe shoes etc.

We do have some clothing here but it may not suit or be appropriate.

At all time we want activities, clothing and general look to be age appropriate and fun!

We reserve the right not to proceed if we think the chosen look doesn't suit the age of dancer and will respectfully suggest a different look.

YOUR IMAGES AFTER THE SHOOT- There was a time ( long ago lol) when photoshoots were for the people involved, were enjoyed the family and were hardly ever shown to the rest of the world. So our advice is- less is more, a few well chosen images will tell the story just as well as hundreds!! Once its out there- its out there- so we would recomend excercising discretion when posting your images, these are your personal images of your children after all!