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I AM FREESTYLE Information page

Freestyle is one of the most athletic and exciting genres of dance, with the most amazing, hard working dancers and we love it, thank you for helping us celebrate it .

Its where we started 10 years ago with some of the freestyle dancers from the TV series Got To Dance!

You have won a runners up shoot from the I AM FREESTYLE competition.

We went through all the entries and read all the information and chose a number of runners up- you or your dancer is one of them!

Not everyone was chosen so we hope you will take advantage of this opportunity to create art together in the studio with Jon.

The shoot is NOT about showing you are the best dancer with the most flexibility or the biggest jumps- no-one is the finished article.

So don't worry, it's not just for future professional dancers only!

If you love dance thats all we need!

It's more about having fun creating some beautiful dance photos with all forms of dance as our inspiration!!

DETAILS- The shoot is 2.5 hrs and is at our studio in Ware, Herts SG12 7AN

Its a fantastic studio even if I do say so myself!

Its big, with lots of sets and props for creative photos.

You have your own changing room with facilities , and a studio wardrobe from which you are welcome to borrow items of clothing! But we still recommend bringing your own dance wear, tutus if you have one, pointe shoes if you have them etc.

There is free off street parking right outside.

Free water and soft drinks are available from the drinks fridge and of course as much tea and coffeeas you like, as long as I get one too!

After the shoot within 2 weeks we will send you a link to view the photos at home.

We hope you love the memories we have created together! There are several packages of images you can purchase but its completely optional.

We will also post a taster photo from the shoot on social media!

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