My dancer is worried that she/he won't be good enough! Do they have to be elite to come for a shoot?

Not at all! We get dancers from all abilities and backgrounds and are experienced in getting the best out of every dancer and working to their strengths and abilities, all we ask id that they are willing to try things , have a go and have FUN, its a really enjoyable experience that will build great confidence!

My dancer has never done a shoot like this before, will he/she be OK?!!

Of course! This is perfectly natural, and very normal, nerves are good!! Not many dancers have done shoots before so we take it right from the beginning and explain everything as we go. Most dancers seem to be shy and nervous until they hit the floor and get going!

What happens at a shoot?

We welcome you into the studio and show you to your changing room with facilities. Then we show you around the studio and talk about what sort of things we can do. Once we have agreed the first outfit we explain all the details, where to look, do you smile etc and get shooting!

How long does a shoot last?

Depends what you book but all shoots and dancers need time- for warming up and stretching and getting used to everything, so theres no hurry. The main thing is to get relaxed and comfortable.

Is there help with posing and ideas?

Yes Jon is very experienced with helping young dancers with ideas and poses to get the best out of them

What outfits should I bring?

Bring any outfits you like and you think look good. But we would suggest some leotards, shorts/crops, a lyrical dress if you have one, tutu's, pointe shoes and street/tap looks as applicable. But also any funky fun fashionable stuff too for some different looks

Where should I park?

There is free off street parking right outside the studio

What about hair and make up?

This is down to you but we go for a very natural look here, so make up can be very light or none at all. hair loose at first, we like it flying around! It can always be changed during the shoot

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